Bathroom Planning Bathroom Wishes

If we could grant your Bathroom Planning Bathroom Wishes what would they be?

1.    I wish I had a Warm inviting bathroom:
To grant the first of your bathroom wishes, Install layers of lighting to include over the mirror lighting along with additional wall light or pendant lighting. A bathroom mirror with LED lighting included gives a warm inviting glow
Underfloor heating provides warm underfoot luxury that can be set on a timer to suit your schedule.

Heated towel rails are a great feature to keep the room warm and have warm towels ready to use.

2.    I wish I had a Clutter free bathroom:
The second of our bathroom wishes is easily granted.Bathroom furniture is the way to go to keep the room stream lined and clutter free.
Consider wall hung furniture which gives the sense of more space as well as a place for all the daily essentials. Give each family member their own drawer or basket to keep the clutter at bay.
Floating shelves can add interest and help keep those small items close to hand but in an orderly fashion.

Use mason jars for items such as cotton pads or hair accessories and baskets for toilet rolls or rolled fresh towels

3.    I wish I could soak away the stress of the day
Bubbles will see our third bathroom wish become a reality.The ultimate relaxing soak is a whirlpool bath. Choose from a selection of bath options with 6, 8 or 11jets.If you want a complete relaxing experience and space allows go for the corner double end bath with 11 jets there may even be room to share the bubbles! How about a free standing bath?

Create a green space in your bathroom by adding some plants that thrive in moist conditions, Boston fern and spider plants are a suitable choice. Scented candles and an essential oil burner will also add to that relaxed experience but remember to place them carefully for safety.

4.    I wish my bathroom had some Glitz and Glamour
The last of our Bathroom wishes requires light and action! Light reflective materials increases the glitz and glamour look. Use chrome and glass combinations in shower enclosures and also in mirrors.
A traditional style rain head shower is a glamorous addition to the bathroom, go for a glamour statement and install a free standing bath.
Include some pieces not traditionally made for the bathroom such as a gilt style mirror. Take a wooden chest of drawers and glam it up with new glass handles or give it some decoupage.

Go all out for a glamorous look with a chandelier in place of a pendant light and dressing room lights around your mirror.



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