Bathroom Style

What’s your Bathroom Style?  Is it Contemporary, traditional, eclectic? What does that mean?

1.Contemporary Bathroom Style
This bathroom style uses clean lines, simple and uncluttered. If this is a style that appeals to you, you probably like sleek and streamlined spaces.
To achieve this in a bathroom check out geometric shapes and simple design in bathroom suite and fittings.
If you want that sleek uncluttered look then bathroom furniture is a must to provide much needed storage for all the everyday items. One excellent way to achieve this look is with wall hung furniture.
You probably have  some wasted space around your wash hand basin, use it well and install a vanity unit
Colour palette can be monochrome or using variations of one tone or shade works well.
Choose finishes in stainless steel and glass or high gloss and reflective surfaces.
Overall a great choice for busy people who like everything in its place.

2.Traditional is this your Bathroom Style?

This  bathroom style takes its inspiration from classical and formal designs and details. So if this is your bathroom style, you probably like symmetry and balance.
In order to make this a timeless look, incorporate embellishments such as scrolls, urn or columns.
Finishes and materials would be best in Marble or granite for worktops. Dark wood or crisp white is a classic favourite for cabinets and doors. If you want an injection of colour choose a bold colour statement and introduce metals in accessories. Overall this style can work in any home. Your en-suite bathroom styled traditionally would complement a traditional bedroom décor.

3. Eclectic could this be your Bathroom Style?

This is a mixture of styles and is very relaxed. If you like shabby chic or enjoy having your collectables on view, eclectic will most probably be the bathroom style  for you.
Eclectic is quite individualistic choosing to include elements such as fabric and wall paper in the water free zones of the bathroom. Wood and stone make good choices to contribute to the relaxed atmosphere. The storage element is harmonised by using  different sized baskets for towels and paper products.
If you have original features such as floorboards, then consider having them painted and go for a sea shore theme. The sanitary ware could be either contemporary or traditional maybe adding a quirky toilet seat for interest.
Overall a fun theme to work with and fits in any home.

Your  bathroom style will influence the  makeover to reflect your personality and create a luxurious, welcoming and relaxing space.

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