How to Choose a Free Standing Bath

Some ideas for choosing a freestanding bath

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There are many shapes and sizes of freestanding baths from the old traditional slipper type to the modern contemporary roll top types.

Your choices should start with the size. How much space do you have in your bathroom to fit it?

Next is the style you want. Do you already have other sanitary wear that you are going to keep? What style is that? If not, then you’re free to choose traditional of modern.

Keep in mind that a free standing bath is not ideal for shower in as would normally be positioned out from the wall to show off its beauty.

After these decisions you’re now down to choosing the actual shape within that style.

There are single and doubled ended free standing baths. Single ended means that the bath is curved at one end and straight across at the other. This would be similar to the normal bath in most homes.

The double ended bath is curved at both ends. Not only does this make the bath look more symmetrical but it also means that two people can use the bath at the same time. The curved end is where you would rest your back against so with a double ended bath both people can wrest against a curved end.

The design of the top of the bath is your next choice. There are two types. Roll top and flat top and they are as the name suggests. The roll top has a gentle rounded top whereas the flat top has a flat surface. Is one better that the other? Not really, it is mostly down to what shape you like, however, I would suggest that if, for example, the base of the toilet and basin and pedestal that you have chosen are square, then the flat top is the best match. If on the other hand you have a toilet, basin and pedestal that have a rounded shape then go with the roll top. Also consider the shape of the shower tray and doors if you have one in the same room.

The next choice is the base of the bath. This will be decided to some degree by your choice of style of the bath. If you have decided to go with the traditional look then the bath will most likely have claw feet legs, if you have chosen a more modern style the bath will have either plinth or cradle type support legs or the bath will sit directly onto the floor and no legs will be visible.

Finally, remember that with most freestanding baths the pipes for the taps will be visible and you will need chrome shrouds to cover them. Although this will add a little to the overall cost, they are really beautiful and complete the look.

Enjoy your browse through our site and best of luck with your plans for your new bathroom.

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