Bathroom Idea’s and Understanding Bathroom Talk

What are the types of bathroom suite products available and what are they called?
This list is a guideline and a brief over view of the average materials and wares on the market and what they’re called.
This in only an overview as there are variations and alternatives to the standard products

Single Ended Straight Baths: Taps at one end of the bath
Double Ended Straight Baths: Taps in the middle of the bath
Corner Baths: Equal sized straight sides meeting in the corner of your room with a curved front
Offset Corner Baths: One long straight side and one short straight side meeting in the corner of your room with an elongated curved front

Shower Baths: Straight bath with a wider curved area at the top of the bath, designed to give you more space when showering over the bath – great idea!
Whirlpool/Jacuzzi Systems: Jet or airspa systems for luxury and relaxation in your bath. Mood lighting for Jacuzzi baths are also available. Sunken Baths: Build up around your bath in order to sink it, and tile the boxing, you can have one or two steps build and tiled then for easier access and luxury!
Tiled Facia:Tiling the facia of your bath rather then fitting a plastic or wooden bath panel gives a lovely finishing touch to your room.
Free Standing Bath:Available in both traditional and modern styles, some styles allow you to fit taps onto the bath itself while another option is to wall-mount your taps over the bath

Instant Electric Showers, Non pumped: (T80) Mains fed non pumped shower, the water pressure is determined by your local mains water pressure. Hint: Fill a pint glass from the cold water tap in your kitchen and time how long it takes. If it takes longer that 5 seconds to fill then a mains water shower is not suitable.
Pumped Electric Showers: (T90) Tank fed, with built in Pump. If you have a cold water storage tank in your attic, this shower will work fine. Hint: Make sure your installer connects the water directly into your cold storage tank and not onto one of the pipes.
Pumped Showers: Mixer valve shower with a water pressure pump fitted to it to give you the water pressure desired. This is a tank fed shower.
Power Showers: This shower is also tank fed, however, it has a built in pump and will cost you a lot less that a mixer valve and external pump. It will need an electrical connection for the pump inside, but not a heavy cable like an instant electric shower. Available in white or chrome

Square Trays: A square shaped shower tray, available in various sizes.
Rectangles Trays: A rectangular shaped shower tray, available in various sizes.
Quadrant Trays: Fitted into the corner with 2 straight sides and has a curved front.

Quadrant Enclosures: Corner shower with curved front
D shaped Enclosures: Semi circle shower

Pivot Doors:Hinged doors, opening out
Sliding Doors: Half fixer, half sliding door.
In-fold : Bi-fold Doors: Space saving option, doors fold into the shower
Walk-In-Showers: Shower trays with large glass panels and opening at the end of the tray for access.
No doors. Shower Walls; Wet Room: Shower walls are plain, solid glass water guards for Wet room showers.

All sizes of basins, one or two tap hole: Size depends on space you have in your room and the number of tap hole is decided by the style of tap you would like.
Full or Half Pedestals: Most of the time it is just a question of taste, semi pedestal are ideally only fitted to partition walls. Full pedestals are used where pipe work needs to be hidden.
Cloakroom Basins, with bottle trap: Small basin mainly used in en suites or downstairs WC, fitted with white or chrome bottle trap wastes instead of pedestals.
Corner Basins: Again used in en-suites, downstairs WC’s or a small Bathroom, it will give you the larger basin size in a space saving way, these are fitted with bottle traps also, although some companies do have corner basins with semi pedestals to match. (*you can get corner mirror fronted cabinets for over basin*)

These are a wood colour, white matt or gloss cabinets with a fully recessed or semi recessed basin. They come in many styles and sizes and are a great way to incorporate storage in your room.
Wash Stands: Again wood coloured or white matt/gloss finish, with a square or round ceramic bowl basin fitted on top, some come with storage also. You can get glass wash stands or just a glass bowl basin for your wood/white Unit.
Bidets: Floor Mounted: Standard bidet style Wall Hung: Installed on a frame like wall Hung toilets

Wall Hung: Build boxing and conceal your cistern, then this type of WC is hung from a frame in the boxing, meaning it doesn’t have a pan that stands on the floor.
Top Flush: Single chrome flush button on the top of the cistern
Dual Flush: Two flush buttons on the top of the cistern; one for liquids and one for solids flushes
Corner WC: WC Cistern made angled, to sit into the corner of room, great for small rooms! This is not feasible for some rooms due to pipe layout.
Back to Wall: Virtually the same as the wall hung WC (boxing with concealed cistern) except the Pan is secured on the floor
Close Coupled: This WC’s cistern sits tight on the pan (no visible pipe between them) and sits close in against the wall
Low Level: This WC has a visible pipe between the pan and cistern. This WC to be used where position of soil pipe excludes the Installation of a Close Coupled WC (In the floor, a distance out from the wall)
High Level: This type of WC choice is down to taste alone, it is an old style or traditional WC so if your room is to be done in Traditional style they are worth looking at!

Tall Boy Free Standing unit: Tall stand alone white or wood colour storage unit, majority of companies use a standard design but there are some variations (larder style) to incorporate more storage
Small Free Standing Unit: Basically the same as the tall boy units but half the height-same height (roughly) as the vanity units
Wall Hung mirrored or Glass Cabinets: Storage cabinets with mirrored or glass fronts and shelving inside, available with built in halogen lighting.
Shelving Wood Shelving; Glass Shelving; corner shelving; Shelves are a great way to incorporate storage, or add a touch of style using displays for e.g. Corner glass shelving above a corner bath displaying candles

Centre Light; Centre Spot Lights; Recessed Lights; Dimmer; Light over Mirror; Chose your lighting around the desired use of your room and the mood you?d like to create in it. A dimmer for example is a great way to achieve both practicality and luxury as you can have bright light when applying make-up, shaving or reading! And soft light for a relaxing soak in the tub before bed.


When renovating a bathroom eliminate uncomfortably cold tiles! Electrical floor heating results in both warm feet and a comfortable room temperature!

Now you are ready to make your choices regarding the suite and shower you require to accommodate the different users of your bathroom.
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